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Regarding the influence of Russia and Ukraine

Metatron products have been developed in Russia and are used by doctors in 50 countries around the world. Our company IPP Japan has a system to produce and assemble Metatron in Japan. The "Metatron products" delivered by us are provided as "Made in Japan" and maintenance and repairs are also carried out in Japan. Therefore, it will not be affected by the problems of Russia and Ukraine. There is uncertain news about the world situation, but we are a Japanese Metatron maker, so we hope you can rest assured.

We also have a mission to exist and fulfill our mission to contribute to the health of the people of the world. It was Regardless of the current politics of Russia and Ukraine, we will continue to devote ourselves to your health and medical care with pure consciousness. Medical care has no borders. Ethnic and political differences do not exist in medicine.

All of IPP Japan


The booth will be number 12-6. We look forward to seeing you there.[]

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The booth will be number 12-6. We look forward to seeing you there.[]

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Booths will be number 8 and number 9. We look forward to seeing you there.[]

April 1, 2021 "Metatron Oriental Holistic" was approved by the Japan Mibyou Research Institute's Mibyou Soken Method [Mibyou Brand]. We are honored to have been certified as a product that can contribute to the improvement of pre-illness through strict examination by many judges. []

The end of 2020 is approaching. 2020 was a challenging and challenging year for us and everyone. It was also a year when all the values, their roles and missions became clear. This year, thanks to our partners, the Institute of Applied Psychophysics has been able to prove the importance of NLS information technology more than ever.[]

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Omsk, has flawlessly, without a single remark, passed recertification for compliance with the International Standard EN ISO 13485:2016 “Medical devices – Quality management systems – System requirements for regulatory purposes”, []

IPP and IPP JAPAN are exhibiting at Hall 10, Booth: 7-1. Please take a moment, "Future Human Dock System Metatron Latest Version" Please come to the experience. []

The Institute of Practical Psychophysics will take part in the MEDICAL JAPAN 2020 TOKYO – 3rd Int’l Medical and Elderly Care Expo & Conference Tokyo will be held from October 14-16, 2020 in Makuhari Messe, Japan. Japan’s Leading Medical trade show covering the entire Medical & Healthcare industry. Consisting of 6 specialised shows, it attracts []

On August 26, 2020, Dr. Vera Nesterova of Institute of Practical Psychophysics, Russian Federation and Dr. A. G. Calanoc of Immunitas Holistic Consultants, Inc., Philippines, has signed a contract for scientific and research works with use of hardware-software system “Metatron” with “Intruder” software as a part of signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation in medical sphere at the Russian-Philippines business-forum, []

On February 14, 2020, IPP conducted ISO 13485: 2016 and EN ISO 13485 standards "Medical Devices-Quality Management System-" implemented by BSI (UK). I passed the audit to comply with "Requirements for regulatory purposes" without any problems.

British Standards Institute-The British Standards Institute (BSI) is considered one of the oldest, legendary and most trusted standards bodies. []

Dear friends! This is the time of technologies that are timeless, that unite unique people with unorthodox way of thinking, who can accept and introduce new trends in medicine. These developments are immortal. Our Institute, founded by Academician Vladimir Nesterov, has always been application-oriented and committed to development and introduction of new and revolutionary medical []

Dear guests

We are able to accept and introduce new directions in medicine that transcend the times and politics. The era of technology that connects unique people with extraordinary innovative thinking has arrived. Such technological development is forever immortal.

Founded by the Academy member Vladimir Igolevich Nesterov, our laboratory is always rooted in the idea that "people should help", and its innovative and revolutionary development in medicine and its introduction in clinical practice. We have conducted research and development while maintaining the stance of the intended application.

Developed by the Institute of Applied Quantum Physics for 30 years, the complex of hardware and software `` Metatron '' combines the development of the latest medicine of Western medicine with the traditional medicine of Eastern medicine for thousands of years. It was However, in today's medical world, oriental medicine is becoming more and more important and becoming more important. In other words,

instead of coping with the weakening of the body's immune system to counter the effects of external pathogens, training it and turning on its own immune energy becomes paramount. It was The purpose in informatics is not to reach any neutral state, but to change the quality of life and use the full potential of a person's own body and consciousness to the fullest extent of life. You can achieve the ideal health.

This project, which was attended by a large number of talented people with unique abilities, became fruit of the establishment of IPP Japan. IPP Japan should provide Southeast Asia, and possibly the whole world, with a highly specialized level of practical use in medicine of "Metatron", a complex of hardware and software.

To do that, users need to be united. This will strengthen the capabilities of each of us and give people valuable experiences using this system. It is necessary to build a system that can integrate, centralize, and share usage and clinical information.

As a result, this technology enhances all other dimensions, thereby integrating the ability of people to think non-linearly, that every human cell is unique and that approaches to health must be done individually. I can understand

This is the technology that will create new medicine. And this technology is not a cure for illness, it is a technology that controls everything related to health: assessing the level of health, restoring and protecting health.

Best regards

Vera Nesterova

President of IPP JAPAN